"The system of our society"

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The system of society is worsening day by day. Here a student is judged by his marks but not his concepts. Seats in universities are already fixed and only a few students get on merit basis. There is no job for the educated one the job seats are already reserved and only a few persons get the job mostly are unemployed. In the education system, only those students are successful who are favourite by teachers or who walk beside teachers and others who don't like the system are left behind. The quality of education is worsening day by day. In government schools, there is no education. Teachers only get pay but are not honest with their jobs. In private education system schools take too much money that a middle-class people cannot afford to admit their child. Our system needs those leaders who would be able to change this system in a positive way create jobs and make students competent. Introduce such schools in which quality of studies are better and fees are low. Only then it would lead us towards development.
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