"The Scientific Miracles of Quran"

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Scientist have come to know about the Mixing of two ocean water. At Mythbusying the two oceans the Mediteranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meets but they do not mix together. A French Scientist Captain Jacques Cousteau eho is famlous for his Underwater research has confessed that despite of all stroms and waves the two ocean water does not meet together. The water of Mediteranean sea has its own salinity and density while the water of atlantic ocean is totally different. However the Quran tells us about these two water about 1400 years ago, " He had let free the two bodies of flowing water meeting together between them is a barrier which they do not transgress: Surah Ar Rahman, verse 19-20. This mystery that science has discovered in this age has already been told us by Allah 1400 years ago, another verse about the mixing of water is: " It is He who has let free the two bodies of flowing water one palatable and sweet and other bitter and salty, He made a barrier between them a partition that is forbidden to be passed (Surah Al- Furqan 53). Another kind of water barrier in the world is the river water that is pure also doesnot mix with the salty sea water because of which thousands of lives. Another mixing of water is seen by German Scientist at Bab-el-Mandeb where the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden mix in 1962. If Allah doesn't put the barriers between waters the water would be so salty and cannot be used.
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