"Dignity of parents"

The girl in selfie with her father belongs to a poor family and her father cleans the street . Despite of being poor  she accepts the fact that her father works for ger living and education. She is paying tribute to the sacrifices that her father made for her. The girl should be respected and raised much that all children like her feel no shame to be the children of street worker . They should be grateful for the sacrifices of their parents and make them feel proud to be. As no man should be judged by his job.The respect of parents is a necessary condition for children. Whatever is our age, there shouldn' t be any compromise on parents respect. Parents are highly precious to everyone and love of parents cannot be found anywhere in the world. Allah compares his love for us with the mother love, that easily shows the love of parents and their value. Our Holy Prophet S.A.W.W emphasis again and again on parents respect. As He S.A.W.W has told us that heaven is under our mother's feet and our father is the key to the door of heaven. This also shows the value of parents and their dignity in Islam. The girl in the selfie shows the respect and dignity of her parents.  No matter what her father's job is, she showed her love for her father. No human is judged by his job it's only the matter of deeds. The girl inspires other to respect their parents n love them and give worth to the sacrifices of our parents for us.
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