"The mysterious triangle"

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There is a mystery that hasn't been solved by any scientist till yet. The mystery of Bermuda triangle. Bermuda Triangle is located between Atlantic ocean near Miami and Bermuda. Almost 300 ships and  75 aircrafts had never been found in Bermuda triangle. A famous ship known as USS Cyclops in 1918 had missing in Bermuda triangle.In 1945, 5 aeroplanes found missing in Bermuda triangle.A cargo ship in 1943 and another cargo ship in 2015 found missing and many others. Bermuda triangle due to its mysterious tragedies is also; known as devil's triangle. The scientists believe that there are some extra magnetic and powerful or devilish waves in Bermuda triangle that whatever is gone there is missing till now. Bermuda triangle's mystery had never been solved and no one knows what inside that water that doesn't let anyone to be found ever again.
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