"The Extinction of Animals"

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Massive construction and industrialization bringing destructible changes in wildlife.  The biggest effect of these industrial changes is on the environment which in turns affect the wildlife animals. Due to increasing global warming and hunting activities, animals species are extinct. Some of the species that are extinct nowadays are Black Rhinoceros, Borneo Elephant (an Asian type of elephant), Borneon Orangutan (a kind of monkey that have almost 97% same of human DNA) and Red Wolf. A few other animal species that already have been extinct are Passenger pigeons (Wild pigeons), Thylacine (a cross between a tiger and dog), And Bajji White dolphin (native of Yangtze River China). The major cause of extinction of these animals is global warming which affected the habitat of these species and brings to extinction. Pandas are also almost to extinct there are only 1,864 pandas left in the world.
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