"Power of Positive thinking"

We have seen many cases of depression. The basic cause that leads a person mind towards depression is pessimism. Negative thinking, that a person always considers the negative part of everything makes his thinking pessimistic. The pessimistic thoughts of a person lead towards depression. Today almost 7 out of 10 people are going towards depression. This is because we don't consider at early stages that where our mind is leaning towards. A group of psychologist made a research that if we test our mind at different scenarios and rate our thinking as negative or positive, it will help a person to remove negativity from his mind. Once you came to know that your mind is going towards negativity you will focus more on being positive or optimistic on things. Positive thinking makes a person different and that person can tolerate anything . A Positive thinker can make society better with his attitude. If you once clicks your minds towards posivity except for fort negativity it can change the world.

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