"Paradise lies in dreams"

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It's an undeniable truth that Positive Thinking always lead towards a bright Site. But to come to this Site and Direction thinking is necessary and what kind of thinking? Obviously Positive and Productive Thinking. 
It's also an outcome of a study that dreams are the reflection of thinking, means dreams came to the people according to their thoughts. Broadly speaking that Positive and Productive Dreams come to those people who possess Positive and Productive Thought.
Then each and every one of us is blessed with the ability of Beautiful and Golden Brain. If all of us, because we are youth and Charity, begins at Home start the process of Positive Thinking not just for ourselves but as a whole for the entire society and humanity, then this optimistic thought will give us dreams of Productive Sites and
In'Sha'ALLAH through implementation and positive deeds we can be among the top nations.
The thinking level can be improved by reading, listening, morality, humbleness, special lectures and Study tours.
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