"Global warming"

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With the passage of time, the climatic conditions of our world are worsening. Earlier we have four seasons, summer, winter, autumn and spring. Now only two are left summer and winter. Rainfall is decreasing day by day and temperature is at peak level crossing 50degree centigrade in summers. Same as us world climate is affecting and this is all due to increase in global warming. Industrialization has increased global warming. The industries produce carbon dioxide emissions in the air which in turns affect the environmental and climatic conditions. The increase global warming is the result of these greenhouse gasses in the air.  Most of the emissions are produced by U.S. A, China and other big countries. This increase global warming and due to increase in temperature glaciers in Alaska, Arctic and Atlantic are also melting. In some countries, there is no rainfall or often rains and in some countries, it highly rains. Nowadays these bigger countries are working on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by levying taxes on emission-producing industries. But the climatic conditions are worse now.
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