There are Two aspects of Life.
A bad aspect and A good one,

Being a citizen it is our right to follow all rules and regulations of our country
there are cops and other law departments to control the country and stop people from violations
some cops are working and serving their country efficiently and honestly and some are being a bad example for all of us,
This is what a bad cop is doing. Instead of stopping people from doing wrong acts and breaking laws. This Inspector is breaking the law himself, That’s why our public is not co-operating with authorities.

 (This video is captured in Super Market, Islamabad, Pakistan).

This video shows a cop is driving   all the way wrong, registration   plate of this car is GVV-645.

On another hand, there is this guy he saw the kids on the motorcycle he came forward to hold his umbrella over them as there was winter's rain, while they were waiting for the green signal.
(This Picture is taken in Abpara)

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