"Khana Khud Garam Krlo"

Today i checked and noticed my maid is not coming from last three days, so over the parental orders, i went to her house and checked, she was on her baddest condition, with one hand covered in fracture and the face all in bruises, once  asked she spoke no words,  instead her sister, boldly stood up and said, bhai this is the result of that shit moto these days,  "Heat you food your self and My body my Will",  the poor maid has been watching this from past few days and tried to implement it over her husband, who leaves the house 8 in the morning and returns at night sone time, so a man of such hardship once will hear this you know what he will come up..

Now the question to my so called dear modest, cultured and the So call Saints of this suppressed society, the angels of freedom, the  speaker of humanity, the world dominators, the follower of women freedom, the faces hidden beneath million of rs makeup and those fancy outfits, wth you came up with such idea, who are you addressing, what are you trying to educate and to whom, its very easy to say this few lines of attraction, but explain me who will educate these women  who blindly followed what you utter, do you even have the slightest idea what a common man of this society goes through, 16 hours of stone breaking, 14 hours of truck driving, 18 hours of different other pitty works, when such a man will return home and listen to this kind of bullshit what will he do.

I respect women oh yes i do, but before making such headlines with such kind of words read and observe your society, your culture, your values, your ups and down, i swear i can bet on this 80 percent shouting that words, have cooked food before coming out on protest or must have cooked food after going home, with a sentence on there mouths, janu you know have to do this too, its our social activity you know these days how it works, oh for heaven sake stop it..stop it.. First educate your society, educate women, educate your generations and then follow the values, A men is responsible to earn food feed his dependents make there future protect them and the women needs to hold his hand help him encourage him love him and support him in this journey, thats how family runs other wise you wont heat the food no issues there are million options your body your will, no issues a men has choice of for...Rest i might be wrong or right, but such dramas by our respected female can even cost some life.

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