"The Sufi of Islamabad"

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The romance of Golra is captivating and its story does not complete without mention of Pir Naseer Ud Din. The story that starts from Punjabi folk couplets of Pir Mehr Ali ends at sophisticated Urdu ghazals of Pir Naseer Ud Din en-route ‘Farmudaat’ of Babu Ji – the 101 precious letters.
Born in 1888, Babu Ji carried forward the legacy of virtue and knowledge of Pir Mehr Ali until his death in 1974. He remained Gaddi Nasheen of Golra for long 37 years, a responsibility well discharged by him.
Babu Ji was beloved son Pir Mehr Ali and loved by Muslims and non-Muslims of the vicinity alike for he was a generous soul for all. The summer of 1947 was hotter and longer than routine in India. The monsoon was colored in human blood for it was a commodity too inexpensive that year. The men of faith were responding to ‘the call of duty’ by killing the fellow countrymen of other beliefs. Golra, however, was an exception. Babu Ji became here a shield for helpless non-Muslims and facilitated the migrating families to cross the Indian border safely. Some 1939 KM away from Golra, in coastal city of Calcutta, one Bapu Ji was doing same job for Muslims of the city.
Grandson of Babu Ji, and son of Baray Lala Ji, Pir Naseer Ud Din is said to be replica of Babu Ji. In summer of 2007, when entire media was crying to kill the students of a Madrassa in Islamabad, Pir Naseer Ud Din was raising voice in Juma sermon for them – the followers of other sect. The only sane voice in Islamabad was not listened to in echo of the bullets.
With advent of corporate sector, religion too has become a business. This business flourishes in separating people and in creating hatred of other sects for this is the custom in this market. Pir Naseer Ud Din was not so good businessman; he preached religious harmony and tolerance. He was generous to all and thus respected by all except few. For the few his crime is unforgivable as he gave Fatwa allowing offering prayer behind Wahabi or Deobandi Imam.
A Chishti Sufi, Pir Naseer was ranked high in Urdu poetry. His death marked an end of era of love and tolerance. He was laid to rest at his family graveyard on Valentine Day of 2009.
ساط بزم الٹ کر کہاں گیا ساقی
فضا خموش، سبو چپ، اداس پیمانے
نہ اب وہ جلوۂ یوسف نہ مصر کا بازار
نہ اب وہ حسن کے تیور، نہ اب وہ دیوان

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