"The Saint of Islamabad"

Shah Alam II was conorated to Mughal throne in Delhi in year 1759. That was the time when Sikhs had taken over Punjab, while British had conquered Bengal and now the Englishmen were glancing avidly towards Delhi. Following third battle of Panipat, Delhi and its suburb were plagued by political unrest and so was Sadhaura - a small city in Haryana some 221 KM away from Delhi. Syed Roshan Din of Sadhaura, on his way back from Hajj, stopped at village Golra near Rawalpindi and owing to unrest in and around Sadhaura decided to take up residence here for he considered it a heaven away from political turmoil. Some 200 years later, the place was going to become capital and political hub of first state to be created in the name of Islam.
Before arrival of Syed Roshan Din’s family, Golra was a small village owned by Abdullah Golra and Khair Muhammad Golra whose names have been erased by history. Perhaps this is the reason, official website of Syed Roshan Din’s family does not mention their reference. In year 1859 a child, who would be considered as born Wali (saint), was to take birth in family and Golra was to be called Golra Sharif afterwards. The child was named as Mehr Ali and world know him today by the name Pir Mehr Ali Shah.
Mehr Ali was not an ordinary Pir. He was a saint, a scholar, an author and a poet. A staunch believer of Wahdat-ul-Wujood, he was authority in India on philosophy and work of Ibn-e-Arabi in his times so far so Iqbal would request him for guidance before delivering lectures at Cambridge. The family once known for its knowledge and virtue is famous today for its wealth and political influence in the federal capital.
Pir Mehr Ali’s poetry is depiction of true Ishq-e-Rasool and people find peace and spiritual blessings in his Na’ats. Those were the days when Ishq-e-Rasool meant true love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and not doing atrocities on minorities and levelling false allegations of blasphemy on opponents. Section 295-C Pakistan Penal Code was yet to be enacted.
Pir Mehr Ali Shah died in May 1937 and it took Babuji, his successor son, 20 years to build his mausoleum with marble that was brought from the Makrana mines of Jodhpur. Today visitors from around the country pay homage to the mausoleum and offer prayers. For visitors, the mausoleum is source of spiritual blessings. For the family, it is inherited property – a source of their well-being.

The Mausoleum of Pir Mehr Ali:

Poster of Pir Mehr Ali along with his famous couplet:

Golra Railway Station:

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