"Strange Part Of Our Glamourous Society"

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Cross Gender,
As man and woman, there is another gender known as "shemales". Shemales are living in an awful situation in our societies, neither anybody respects them nor they are getting any job opportunities. For living they have to earn and nobody accepts them as a human being as a part of nature so they try to find different ways of earning. Shemales are not getting any respectful jobs in our society people are not even hiring them as maids or servant then they move towards discourteous ways of earning. People only accept or calls them either there is marriage or for sexual services. Nowadays in a few places, there is the quota for shemales like in public service commision but there is no place for them in any private jobs. We should accept them as a part of nature and give the same respect as a citizen in society as any man or a woman has. There should be separate schools for them to study and proper jobs for them to earn. They must have their dignity and proper ways by which they can earn for them respectfully and also can live in a community respectfully.
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