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Research and Development is an important factor and a fast driver of Socio-economic Development.
It's a painful reality, there is no culture of research in the institutions in Pakistan.
 We can take Examples of Other Countries Research and Development, but due to limited resources and deprive of technology we can't do research. 
If there are resources they are handled by inexperienced & unskilled personals, which is a real obstacle in the way of Development. They don't respect the other's point of view. 

   Research can be successful if the True Researchers bring innovative ideas in the markets then by the aid of Resources the ideas and Policies can be generated and then by the implementation, Development can surely be the resultant.

R & D centers should be established in each and every Institution with proper provision of Resources and Under the Supervision of Experts.
The field of Research can be stabilized and energized if the State should focus on this field.
Ministry of Planning and Development should fund this culture for the true achievement of Socio-economic Development.
Some duties are also imposed on us to think positively and innovatively with an Open Heart for the Whole Society and encourage the true spirit of Research and Development.
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