"New Viruses has been Launched Learn How To Be Safe From Them"

In this world full of technology, many worst things are happening along with good one.

As use of internet is too much nowadays. Almost 70% of the world is using it. Social media is very popular among internet users, As much as internet is useful it is harmful by some ways for it's users. our data is not secure now any one can hack it without getting know us. Without further ado i would like to share some popular viruses and precautions which can be surely helpful to save you personal and critical data.

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Newly Launched Viruses:

1). Malicious URL in Whatsapp groups:
                                                               A malicious URL "Blocked.Win" is getting popular in whatsapp groups and social media. The website claims that after installation of the (fake) application, It can show you the contacts who blocked you on whatsapp. The website asks the user to share its link with 14 users or 7 whatsapp groups for downloading of malicious Android executables, which will ultimately Hack users phone.

2). Password stealing apps on google Playstore:
                                                                          According to research there are 85 Android Applications on Playstore which are designed to steal credentials from users of Telegram (Instant Messaging Service) an UK (A Russian Based Social Networking Service).

3). Malicious North Korean Cyber Activity:
                                                                     Some reports proves that release of joint technical alerts on malicious cyber activity, referred as Hidden Cobra. North Korea is actively targeting the media, aerospace, financial and critical infrastructure sectors. Tools and capabilities used by hidden Cobra actors include DDOS botnets, Keyloggers, RATs and wiper malware.

Some of the Precautionary measures and recommendations to prevent this security Risk are listed below:

1). Do not download attachments from emails and messages unless sure about the source.

2). Maintain Regular offline backups of centralized offlline back of your critical data.

3). Do not click on the link to restrict the advisory from getting location.

4). Regular update the Android OS and its Application.

5). Update all third party applications and hardware with latest patches.

6). Enable Google play protect Security feature on your device. This feature will remove (uninstall) malicious apps from user's android smartphone to prevent further harm.

7). In case on infection/compromise in your computer system by your phone or other media, Please Disconnect the computer from Internet.
"New Viruses has been Launched Learn How To Be Safe From Them" "New Viruses has been Launched Learn How To Be Safe From Them" Reviewed by K Series on March 26, 2018 Rating: 5

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