"Market value of Intellectualism"

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So far it is hugely discussed that everybody owns the intellectual property. It means that God did no discrimination while allotting intellectual property among different people.  Now the ball is in our court, how we use our intellectual property?  We are the only owners of this property. It is our decision when to sow the seeds and when to reap its ultimate crops. Now the decision taken at the right time will outshine those who get panic while taking right decision regarding the usage of their intellectual property. It is certain that intellectual property is equally allotted to everyone. Now the process of self exploration will initiate the right decision regarding this valuable asset. Because when we going to explore our self, there will be a visible track between reality and ignorance and that will lead us to the final destination.

The power of intellectualism cannot be ignored irrespective of field. It may be economics, politics or any other field. Those nations who are still creeping in traditional knowledge suppose to be a puppet, they are not aware of the demand of modern times. Because as time passes, there occur social changes, consequently thinking patterns also changes and birth of naive knowledge will occur. Traditional minds are tangled by old ideas that hold them back to the traditional times. This concept can be changed if paradigm shift occur in the process of learning and teaching. Because the primary weak point lies in thinking pattern that is backed by grooming and learning.

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