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The hot topic nowadays is about the common issue of developing nations.  The amazing point is that many developed nations also stuck in the quagmire of hidden economy.  Specifically, if we take Pakistan as a hub of hidden or underground economy, there are many entities that are involved in the underground economy. The hidden game is carried in a very tricky and clever way, it means that the players involved are very talented and owners of intellectual property.  If their strategies and planning are imported into the mainstream economy, then it is obvious that it will be a positive emblem for the entire economy.  Instead of restricting the hidden players directly from their activities, we need to invite them in a loving way to work for the mainstream economy. Because love can make everything possible, the problem can be solved if government negotiate with them in a very friendly way and try to facilitate them in their activities and compel them to change their hidden activities into unhidden activities. Because the good part of the population is busy in hidden activities.  The main issue is that fine chunk of population initiating the underground economy so the left part of the mainstream economy is very little. Our mainstream economy is creeping. It is in the stagnant position because many businesses run behind the curtain, consequently, they will way from the tax base and tax evasion will be on the peak. Tax is supposed to be the heart of the economy. 
The informal economy is operating on the large scale in Pakistan. It is operating in different sectors. The players involve are mostly less educated but the fountain of skills bursting out from them. They are rich in skills i.e. embroidery, pottery, cloth knitting etc are the famous areas where we are good. Sometimes the informal or hidden economy playing the very good role in the entire economy because it will meet the demand on the aggregate level, the only bad point is that they lose documented shape so they can contribute in tax payment by taking place in the tax base.
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