"Big heart, bright mind & sacred soul"

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In this modern age  of advancement and technology ones need to be aware of losing the spiritual health. It can be measure with the help of soul. From the arrival of Hazrat Adam till today no body enjoyed the beauty of his physical appearance for long. Which clearly depict a picture of myths regarding the immortality of our body. The only thing that is immortal in human body is the floating soul. It means instead of taking extra care of this worldy beauty and appearance ones need to drag his attention toward this eternal asset that will accompany us in this world and hereafter too.  So there is an extensive care required on this end. We need to strengthen its roots with the help of good deeds and ignorance of Satanic activities i.e. backbiting, egoistic nature and many other odd things. The crazy part of our soul is that it has deep correlation with our heart and mind. Therefore it is certain that those with healthy soul will have good influence on heart and mind. this implementation is for whole universe and every arena of our study. Healthy and properous intention will emerge in our mind if our heart is clean and having no dint of self interest, ego and any other bad deeds, and our heart will maintain the said status if our soul passes green signals.it means that the main server is our soul. As it is fact that it will rust by showing excessive attachment with material things. So the mainserver need to be purify from all sort of  love except the love for the Lord of the universe. We need to nourish it with the help of divine knowledge.
It is not necessary that we just focus on the maintenance of soul, but we need to prioritize its care. Like our primary goal is to make our soul healthy and pure from all types of dust, and our secondary   goal is to makes our soul with in the alignment of our heart and brain and our tertiary goal is to fulfil wishes and basic needs in the circle of divine law. Then we can guarantee our departure from this world with healthy soul.

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