According to science, there are few things which are found in genius people only.

1). Curiosity

According to science if you’re curious congratulation you’re a genius. A curious person always wanted answers of questions which are in his/ her mind so he/she use to study or search required answers on the internet or experiment different things in real life, this increases his/ her knowledge and makes him/her more genius.
Albert Einstein said:
“I have no special talents, I’m just passionately curious”
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2). Thinking before you sleep

Thinking before sleeping is also a sign of genius, a genius person always thinks about next day or life goals before sleep.
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3). Sense Of Humor:

As per a research having more sense of humour is having more extra thinking and verbal intelligence which means genius people can make other people laugh, making a joke in every situation needs great sense.
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4). Less social

The people which are less social and having fewer relationships and communication problems are more genius than others, But there are two things.
A Research says socialism is too much important for success. On another hand research also says less social people are genius people.
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5). Forgetfulness:

Forgetfulness is also a sign of genius. If you forget little things again and again or sometimes you’re in your own thoughts and absent from real life then you’re a genius because the brain of a genius person is preoccupied with different questions and things. As that person remembers large and high-level things he/she forget little things.
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6). Talking to yourself:

Do you often talk with yourself and get caught by talking with yourself? Do you talk with yourself when you’re alone?  If your mind constantly works on something or you’re in tension you will talk to yourself which help you to release your tension and keep you motivated.
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7). Laziness:

You were shocked after knowing this like me that physiologists and scientists says laziness is found in genius’s, There is a reason behind this genius people use to think a lot which causes tiredness because thing burns more calories than any physical work.
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